To the Editor:

I first encountered NIMBYism in 1942 when Father was stationed in Washington during WWII. I met Willy Norton who explained to this nieve Northerner that Nxxs were very bad, no way did he want them in his school, our playground or near my sister. I was rooming with a black boy at school, but I kept silent. As the war ended, we all learned of Hitler’s immense depravity … Jxxs were very bad, they were evil business people, responsible for your country’s tough times, many Germans kept silent.

Later in life, I ran a dog food business and was told that the Gxxs were ruining the sport and should be barred. My gay son and his friends who were helping me kept silent.

NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard) is a very virulent disease … difficult to detect and clothed in the best of motives. I do not believe that Casella Waste Systems will devastate the North Country … in fact like many stable businesses will provide jobs, taxes and helpful services.

John Casella is not a bully, a bad business partner or a bad neighbor. Look around Bethlehem. Do all those people with beards and yarmalukes think our environment has been compromised, our fresh air gone?

I do think we should protect the North Country for the generations that follow … but not by kicking out the largest contributor to our area’s economy. Ask Berlin, Gorham and Groveton whether it was a good idea to kick out the smelly paper mills. Not to confuse the issue, but Northern Pass money could have been used to bury not only their lines, but the eyesore that is electric and telephone lines as you enter Bethlehem.

It is not time to Dump Casella, nor do I advocate dumping the naysayers and pseudo environmentalists who oppose every good Waste Management idea while living in nice homes where their human waste is cheek by jowl with their water supply. We should find ways to talk together and seek the truth … starting with my invitation to Jon Swan and Nancy Martland to tour our Waste Management System with knowledgeable Environmental Engineers in the back seat.

Cliff Crosby

Bethleham, New Hampshire


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