No Carbon Tax!

To The Editor:

I am almost 72 years old. My wife had cancer for 10 years and passed away last fall. I can’t afford a carbon tax and neither can you. The VT legislature is back in action and they want carbon taxes and changes to Act 250 that will ruin this beautiful state. It will be financial disaster for all of us.

Climate change alarmists are all over the place and they are reacting to nothing but theory. The idea that carbon is the problem is just theory. Al Gore said it would be catastrophic by 2013. He was wrong, but he made millions of dollars at it.

These alarmists remind me of the city boy that went to the farm and pulled up the bulls tail to see what color its eyes were. When he realized his error, he went to the other end and found that they were brown. He wanted blue eyes. He tried and tried to find a way to change it but ended up doing nothing. That is what will happen to these folks that they think they can change the world by taxing Vermonters.

The cause of climate change is nothing but theory. If you think I am wrong, go to and find many books that dispute carbon as a cause. Carbon as a cause is based on computer models. Those models are based on bad info in, bad info out. Watch the weather when there is a hurricane way out in the Atlantic Ocean. There will be a computer model of 10 different paths. Just guessing with a computer.

In 2014, I sent an email to the U.S. Department of Energy, suggesting that they build a transmission line from carbon free Hydro Quebec to Vermont, adjacent to the existing line. That idea is being studied as I type this. I guarantee that the same people advocating for a carbon tax and Act 250 reform for carbon compliance, will be the same people that would fight another transmission line. I’m not sure what their motivation is, except many are in it for the money.

I’m going to give you my theory on climate change. It is caused by all the volcanoes around the globe and I think all of these VT climate alarmists should go and try to put out those fires. May sound a little far fetched, but no more than carbon is.

Roger E. Joslin

North Concord, VT


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