No New Party

To The Editor:

In this year, as in the past years of national elections there always seems to be movements for a new party. This time around is no exception, sometime within the last two years there has sprang up some new parties. One that has gained headway with many people is the Tea Party. Now their outcry covers several items, such as no new taxes, cut government spending, regulations that hurt business, and politicians that promise good changes and honesty if elected. Once in office they sing the same old swan song as those they replaced. We know what is best for you.

Perhaps there is not as much need for a new party, as there is a need for each one of us to get ourselves lifted out of the pit of dishonesty and placed upon the solid Rock of the Creator. Now we can't blame each other for we are all in that same pit of miry, clay or we might refer to it as a pit of quicksand. The more one, or an animal, struggles in it the deeper one sinks.

Now down in Oklahoma the oldtimers tell about the tale in the early pioneer days, where the A T S F railroad crosses the Cimarron River a locomotive went off the bridge and landed in quicksand, and that is the last they ever saw of that engine. Cattle drives coming up from Texas always looked to find a safe spot to drive their herds across the rivers coming up through Oklahoma because of the known fact that where there was a quicksand bottom it was not a safe spot to cross.


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