No see, no hear, no say, no do

To the Editor:

Concord Select Board Chairman George Morehouse still OKs writing checks to attorney Tom Paul in the attack on me related to my alleged flood plain structure. Please George, explain to Concord taxpayers why you want to delay the court case a whole year from now? Has the select board looked into this endless cash drain into Paul's bank book....where is the evidence against us? Sten Lium, Karl Goulding and Stuart Gray are blowing smoke and it is time to stop paying Attorney Tom Paul. Sten loves spending taxpayers' money as long as it doesn't come off his bottom line.....! We can only hope that Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell will step in and launch an investigation of the use of public funds by Goulding, Stuart, Lium, Morehouse and Tom Paul. What has happened to the article passed by majority vote that any expenditure over $5,000 after a passed yearly budget must be brought forward for a vote by the taxpayers?

I guess Karl and Stuart will fall on Sten Lium's rusty sword that he keeps in the trunk of his hot rod since his back seat is filled with god only knows what up to the back window. Maybe the local health officer in town Stuart Gray should investigate.

It comes down to little people who feel they need to control you. Why the town hasn't thrown out zoning is a surprise and a petition was handed in last March and Mr. George and the rest of board decided not to allow a vote. Why not?

I think a field trip is called for and Chairman George Morehouse, Vice Chair Robert Paquette, Sten Lium, Karl Goulding, Stuart Gray and of course Sten's attorney Tom Paul should get in Sten's hot rod and tour the town. It would be a bonus if Jim Jardine followed to record this tour of how zoning works in Concord, Vt.

One stop should be the lawnmower shed on Campers Lane that Sten kept in court for almost three years. Sten knows where it is, no need for a GPS. Next, drive up Sten's road and check out some of the housing, something that may be an area Vice Chair Robert Paquette claims to have some interest in. Next road to visit would be the Cross Road. See any zoning problems there?

Now they become the three monkeys: no see, no hear, no say, no do. (NONFEASANCE) Since you're having such a good time, why not put pedal to the metal and drive up the road Vice Chair Robert Paquette lives on and see what Robert sees day in day know the place Bob. I think the town can cover the gas for Sten's Sled, you know, vote on a voucher to make it legal and all.

FEMA's Luis Rodriguez, chief engineering manager, states our property is not in a flood plain, period. All the town has to do is say OK and put an end to endless amounts of money flowing to Tom Paul. Concord is his cash cow, thanks to Sten Lium.

How about using our tax money to paint the fire station? At least we can see our tax dollars at work. Fellows, if you take time, you can see it is time to paint it.

I put in a request to town Treasurer Audra Quimby Girouard several weeks ago, asking how much money is going into Tom Paul's bank account. No response. The treasurer knows what the state law is and just ignores - could it be more of Tom Paul's advice? State Statue Title 24-Chapter 51 24 V.S.A

§ 1571. Accounts

(a) The town treasurer shall keep an account of moneys, bonds, notes and evidences of debt paid or delivered to him, and of moneys paid out by him for the town and the town school district, which accounts shall at all times be open to the inspection of persons interested.

Bill Smith

Concord, Vt.


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