No tax exemption for IROC

To the Editor:

I have read lately about Mr. Kilmartin and Bobby Starr going to bat for IROC; one is a local rep. and the other is a local Senator. I think both of these intelligent people have more to do in Montpelier than try to help an organization that is about to go belly-up, which will in return raise taxes for the taxpayers of the Town of Derby and surrounding towns if they decide to give X amount of money to IROC.

If I or any other person with a business had missed as many payments on their mortgage, the banks would have foreclosed on us without blinking an eye. I think the banks and financial institutions have gone way beyond their norm to help IROC to no avail, it will raise your taxes more too, because somebody has to make up the lost taxes.

If our government, which is all of us who pay taxes in Vermont, is going to exempt one organization from school taxes or any taxes, I think that they should exempt all organizations and all people that do not send children to school from the school tax, plus all people on Social Security or any fixed income. If our intelligent legislators want to do something good, then do something about all this welfare and unemployment.


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