NO to the Kingdom East Bond Vote

To the Editor:

Educational spending is already out of control while the educational results of that spending are mediocre at best and we are paying more and more every year. This hurts taxpaying families like us who’ve also had our parental rights to choose the schools we want for our children, stripped from us with Act 46 and other legislation that never passed the constitutional muster first. We should repeal them all but for now, we need to play the hand we’ve been dealt.

We the People of the Kingdom East School District and the rest of Vermont are taxed enough already. We have more state and town taxes coming at us every year.

Tell the District board No to the biggest single tax increase most of these towns have had in their history!

Tell them NO on this 24 million dollar bond that is full of more empty promises of educational success and administrative efficiency!

Tell them, with your NO vote, to go back to the drawing board with the taxpayers foremost in mind and come up with solutions to the safety issues that fit within OUR budgets.


Dianne Peyton

Lunenburg, Vermont


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