Non-citizen Voting

To the Editor:

A week ago, having heard of a shocking vote for non-citizen voting that had overcome the governor’s veto in Montpelier, I rapidly wrote a letter to the paper. I want to now clear up a couple of misunderstandings about what the letter discusses.

Firstly, there’s the idea that because the Governor of Vermont vetoed the bill, he must therefore be dead set against its purposes. This is not so. RINO Phil Scott is not at all against having Green- card aliens vote in Vermont local elections. He, surprise, surprise, wished that it could happen simultaneously for all towns instead of only one or two (Winooski, Montpelier). Which was in fact, why he vetoed the bill.

Secondly, the idea of: “Oh, the bill is only for Green-card residents at this point! It is a legal bill for legal people!” That is entirely false. Instead, the illegal bill is for illegal voting. Which logically follows from the fact that the very first moment that a given Green-card resident votes, in that instant, they’ll become an illegal actor, for they will then, like the legislators, have violated the law of Vermont (its Constitution, sec. 42) by going beyond the lawful bounds set by that Constitution, the rights given ONLY TO US CITIZENS by that Constitution.

If one were ever to have non-citizens vote and have such considered legal, the Constitution would have to be amended, to include non-citizens, an extremely bizarre idea anyway. I mean, why not have all citizens in Germany vote remotely in our elections too? Or have the Mexicans do it from across the border; they wouldn’t even have to come over. It would do so, so much good for our nation! After all, at least such people are citizens of some area or another! Our country has really gone off its rocker.

Jay Iselin

Lyndonville, Vt.


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David King

I'm with you Jay!

Also, why won't our Nation put as much if not more effort into keeping our Southern Border closed as it does our Northern Border?

David King

Lyndonville, VT

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