North Country Doesn’t Need Another Landfill

To the Editor:

At this time it is open public knowledge that Casella Waste Systems has moved forward with the submission of a standard solid waste landfill application for a new landfill in Dalton.

Casella seems to have been dismissive of all the feedback they have received from groups that are qualified to review the DES Wetlands Application as well as input from so many citizens. Regardless of the input received by Casella Solid Waste Systems that this is not a good location for a landfill, the project is going full steam ahead.

There are multiple options for the disposal of Littleton’s waste. New Hampshire does not suffer from a lack of landfill space or incinerator availability. WE IMPORT garbage from our neighbors. The only reason for a new landfill is to make money for a commercial entity and its shareholders.

Additionally, to quote a petitioned warrant article that was submitted to the Town and will be on the Littleton ballot this March, “the new landfill proposed to be located in neighboring Dalton is not compatible with our vision for the protection of the Ammonoosuc River and its watershed, our shared groundwater, our shared roadways, our regional environment, or the tourism businesses we depend on for our economic future.” Not only is it not good for Littleton and our tourist industry and our water, but we don’t even need one because we have plenty of other capability for landfilling and incinerating.

Patricia Kellogg

Littleton, N. H.


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