North Country Hospital mismanagement

To the Editor:

I have been a patient of Dr. Lockridges' for over a year and I don't have cancer. Dr. Lockridge's oncology department treats disorders of the blood; cancer AND more.

To lose a man of Dr. Lockridge's caliber and understanding would be a dire mistake by North Country Hospital. This upheaval comes at a time when the hospital has been able to add doctors and staff in the sleep study department. I personally think that the oncology department would be at least AS important as the sleep study department -- so why does one have to suffer?

Being in business in this area for over 30 years teaches you that if you want to provide the best possible service for your customers you will NOT make money on all aspects of your business. The after-hours 8-mile trip to the shop to provide a 5-gallon pail of hydraulic oil to a logger who is on a Monday morning 6 a.m. deadline is actually going to cost you money. But the logger, his men and all of their families and creditors will be grateful! This analogy is only meant to outline the basis of good service and is truly quite simple.


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