Not An Act Of Censorship

To the Editor:

It has been unnerving to be the subject of an editorial in which I’m accused of promoting censorship and seeking to suppress opposing community voices as if I’m some kind of un-American liberal elitist. My request was a request, that’s all, not an act of censorship. I am not your board of directors, I am not the government; I cannot possibly censor you. I am merely one of your loyal readers and I asked you to turn down the volume of vitriol and perhaps establish guidelines followed by other, similar community papers. Such guidelines are not unreasonable, and they do not amount to an infringement of anyone’s First Amendment Rights. However, I am now clear that your letters page is, to you, a crucial, unadulterated forum for your readers. Having spoken now with you, the Editor, and understood that you do, in fact, print every letter to length and that you feel strongly all voices should be heard, I find myself having greater respect for this local paper. But I will continue to skip certain letters. This is, as you say, my choice.


Melanie Finn

Kirby, Vt.


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