To the Editor:

I have always been amazed that a value can be placed on a human life. In Vicki Campbell-Beer & #039;s case, the value set was 17 years. This means that the despicable individual Scott Favreau will be plying and terrorizing Vermont streets long before he reaches 30 years old. One thousand Scott Favreaus would not come close to equaling one Vicki Campbell-Beer.

Mr. Favreau is a very lucky man because he committed murder in the state of Vermont. In other states, Mr. Favreau would never see the free light of day. In other states, Mr. Favreau would have gotten a free ride on a gurney ... a word that I & #039;m sure he hasn & #039;t the foggiest idea of its meaning.

I imagine that Greg Reed must be upset reading about this plea bargain. Mr. Reed spent 19 years in jail and it was never proven that he actually pulled the trigger.

The life expectancy of a woman in America is approximately 78 years. Campbell-Beer was murdered when she was 44 years old. She should have had at least 34 more years in her life.


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