Not “Preposterous” At All!

To the Editor:

In my previous letter to the editor, I mistakenly wrote that the Ethan Allen Institute (EAI) is an affiliate of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). John McClaughry pointed out my mistake and I acknowledge my error.

That being said, I stand by every other word I wrote. The EAI is an affiliate of the State Policy Network (SPN). According to the Center for Media and Democracy, “Today’s SPN is the tip of the spear of far-right, nationally funded policy agenda in the states that under girds extremists in the Republican Party.”

According to Source Watch, “SPN think tanks have introduced, echoed, presaged, pushed and reinforced ALEC policies to: attack unions, privatize education, privatize public pension systems, rollback environmental initiatives and disenfranchise people of color, the elderly and students.”

ALEC has a presence in Vermont. Rep Robert Helm, Republican from Rutland-3, is the Vermont State Chairperson for ALEC. In an e-mail correspondence with me he wrote: “I believe I raised the membership of us to 20. All Republicans.” I encourage readers to find out if their Republican representatives are ALCE members. If they are, they’re working for corporations not for Vermonters!

John called me “ignorant.” He also insulted me by suggesting that I “take up a hobby she can understand, like shuffleboard or bingo.” John does not know me. We’ve never met. I have two undergraduate degrees (Zoology and Nursing). I have two graduate degrees (Public Health and Toxicology). I served my Country for 20 years as a US Air Force Officer. My military record is sterling.

John’s insults tell readers a great deal about his own character. They say nothing about mine.

Marion Mohri

Wheelock, Vt.


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Eddy R. Woodchuck III

The current "Big Reset" that turned operational 18 months ago is made possible by the deception by the world elite cabal, operating under cover of their propaganda networks, owning the entire federal Democrat party plus a good number of those in the Republican party. If you believe the media and their owned politicians when they label people as being "Far Right" you unwittingly work for the globalists in pushing their Big Reset agenda which is consolidation of power to the top corporations in the world. The label "Far Right" very often is used to describe any person that opposes the bullying, coercion and stealing from the rest by Big Pharma and the largest corporations of the world.

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