On Behalf of Craig Sanborn

To the Editor:

I just read the story of Craig Sandborns’ attempt to be released from prison in the Caledonian Record in the February 18th edition which was unsuccessful. He had been found guilty of manslaughter and negligent homicide of two men working for him in his gunpowder manufacturing company in Colebrook, N H. The government had cited him for unsafe working conditions.

A little while later the factory blew up killing the two workers and they put 100% the blame on Mr. Sandborn. After citing him for safety violations, they did not follow up to check on him which makes the government just as guilty. If the factory was unsafe as they said it was, the government should have shut him down being that this was a gunpowder factory. This was not just your ordinary factory. We are dealing with GUNPOWDER! So I say the government is just as responsible and they failed in the purpose of their investigation.

Then we live in this “Catch and Release” form of justice in Vermont and New Hampshire. We have scum of the earth with miles long criminal records, bums that have committed crime after crime and our justice system lets them out free to roam our streets and commit crime after crime. Then the travesty of all: the killing of two people. The punishment? A 220.00 dollar fine. See my letter to the editor “Life Aint Worth Much in Vermont” in the C R around February 6th.

In light of all this, it is a travesty that Craig Sanborn is still in prison. I hope other people write on behalf of Mr. Sandborn. I hope in light of these facts that people gather and protest this miscarriage of justice.

This is Ron Pal saying “Freedom for Craig Sanborn”.

Ron Pal

Danville, Vt.


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