On weatherizing your home

To the Editor:

She's BAAAAACK! Just when you thought she had been relegated to the vegetable patch, Gaye Symington, the former Speaker of the Vermont House, has re-emerged with some "advice" for homeowners. Does the phrase, "Hello , we're from the government and we're here to help you!" ring a bell?

Ms. Symington is the executive director of a Vermont group, "The High Meadows Fund." (Oh doesn't that have a lovely ring to it?) The group aims to ensure that we reduce our dreadful "carbon footprint", and cut our dependence on "hostile, oil-producing nations ..." One might ask where these people were when efforts were being made to drill for oil right here in the U.S.A, but that's a subject for another day.

According to an article in The Rutland Herald by Thatcher Moats dated August 2, 2011, "Vermonters are not signing up in droves" to weatherize their homes. The aforementioned High Meadows Fund has discovered there are several reasons for this. The first obstacle is upfront costs of about $7,500. Ms. Symington however states, "The biggest barrier is that Vermonters don't understand what the benefits are and they get lost on the path to energy efficiency." She goes on to opine, "The reality about energy efficiency is that it is in the walls, in the attic and in the basements ... so it's hard to value something you can't see." Oh my, we truly are a bunch of ignorant dolts.

Fear not, Ms. Symington has a remedy: "When a home is sold its energy efficiency should be disclosed." Now take a moment to really let that sink in. A bill that would have REQUIRED such information to be disclosed to a prospective buyer was actually introduced but failed earlier this year in the Vermont Legislature. However a "study committee," (politician's favorite way to collect a year-round paycheck), is examining the idea as you read this.

It would appear that since we are too lacking in intelligence to weatherize our homes on our own, the costs not withstanding, the Legislature will FORCE us to do so should we attempt to sell it. Seriously, can you think of a better way to bring Vermont's stagnant real estate market to a grinding halt? This is just the latest attempted assault on private property rights by leftist elites in the State of Vermont!

Virginia Duffy

Rutland, Vt.


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