Open Letter to Governor Scott

To the Editor:

Dear Sir. I am a 61 year old native Vermonter and vet and I have bought many guns over the years and now when I am looking at a gun with a mag more than 10 rounds the place treats me like a criminal because of that useless law you signed. If you really think by keeping that law you should come to the NEK and talk to folks around here which is the true Vermont.

Also your seatbelt and helmet law are stopping a lot of bikers from riding in Vermont and they go up the New Hampshire side and spend their hard earned money because New Hampshire treats adults like adults.

Also you are making people who wants to buy cigarettes and booze at 21 year of age. If that is the way you really feel then they should not be able to vote or signed any documents until they are 21 and parents should be responsible for them until they reach 21!!!


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