Open Letter to Senator Shaheen

To the Editor:

Good Morning Sen. Shaheen:

Our group, Save Forest Lake, and other concerned citizens of the North Country of New Hampshire would like to arrange a meeting with you at Forest Lake State Park in the very near and immediate future to share our deep concerns about the efforts by Casella Waste Systems to expand it garbage landfill operations to a 1900+ acre parcel of land which is adjacent to Forest Lake State Park in Dalton, NH.

We are a newly formed group, but we would likely have approximately 50 citizens, if not more, attend the meeting. We feel the state park, located on Forest Lake Road in Dalton, is the appropriate venue to meet so as you can assess for yourself the absurdity of the idea of locating a garbage landfill next to such a beautiful and pristine body of water in an area heavily dependent upon out of town vacationers who come to the North Country to enjoy what we are seeking to protect, with your help.

As for a date, we would suggest Saturday, June 1st , 12:00 noon, as an ideal date and time, as we begin to enjoy warmer weather and time is of the essence as Casella Waste Systems is moving quickly to get its hoof in the door, so to speak, to obtain this property.

As per your scheduler’s request for names of attendees, we can certainly provide that as soon as needed since this is an introductory invitation and details can certainly be worked out. We would expect many of the homeowners within the Forest Lake vicinity to be in attendance.

We really need your help to stop this from becoming a reality as a garbage landfill adjacent to Forest Lake State Park would have a devastating regional impact on the environment, property values, our economy, and the quality of life for so many in the region.

Thank you, in advance, for your help! We will also be inviting our other elected officials from all levels of government, whether it be this date or another, so all of you can see the jewel that we have and must protect at all costs!

Jon Swan

Chief Eco-Warrior at Save Forest Lake

Dalton, New Hampshire


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