Our Views On the Dalton Landfill Project

To the Editor:

Our names are Don & Nancy Mooney. We have lived permanently in Dalton at our present address for over 40 years.

Our Grand Parents & Parents lived the majority of their lives in Dalton and were strong supporters of the Dalton community as we are.

We hope that the above statement will indicate how strongly we feel about the welfare of our town.

We are writing in support of Casella’s plan to develop a landfill in Dalton. We support the project and urge the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services to approve the pending wetland permit for the site. We have toured the proposed Landfill site and find(in our opinion) that considering the large amount of space between the landfill and the nearest neighbors and the uses as an active gravel mining quarry and logging site, a better place would be very hard to come by.

Casella will build a modern landfill and their technical expertise will protect the environment and benefit Dalton as they do the essential work of managing waste. Many of the ideas about the Landfill that are being promoted by one person are in error and present a very different view then ours.


1. That Casella has not been receptive to having a discussion with the Select Board.

FACT - Representatives of Casella have tried a number of times to establish a constructive discussion with the Board and have been refused.

2. That the Landfill is a Dangerous Project and will cause damage and loss of property value.

FACT – The state mandated regulations that the Project must follow will prevent this Project from being a danger. The DES hearings next week is an example of how thorough and tough the state review process is. As far as causing a loss in Property Values, there is a landfill in Bethlehem and $1 million homes nearby. Coventry, VT where Casella has a landfill is a very popular place to live.

3. The Project will have a negative impact on the quality of life and local tourism.

FACT – The quality of life will not be impacted in a negative way, actually, depending on what kind of an agreement that is settled on between Casella and the Town, the lives of many citizens will be improved. Example: Many Citizens can not pay their taxes and the revenue the town would get from the landfill project would lower taxes a lot. Emergency & Road Departments could have the latest equipment. Educational help could be offered. Much, Much more will be possible if only a positive discussion can be established between the Town and Casella.

FACT – There is a landfill in Bethlehem and there are other landfills in the North Country and they have not affected tourism. People still enjoy visiting and fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, skiing, going to restaurants and everything else. Our local snowmobile club is thriving and we know many folks that come to the area to visit.

Over the years we have seen many problems in and for the Town arise. These problems were handled without the division and animosity that now exists. This present situation can be attributed to the actions of one person and his ability to use false and misleading information. To his credit, he is a very smooth talker and is very willing to work hard in order to gain his objectives.

However, his back ground indicates an individual that is very destructive and can not be trusted. We plan to submit public comments to the NHDES in support of Casella’s wetlands permit and hope that others will too. We will also participate in the DES public hearing on the project next Wednesday, July 14 at 3 pm. The location for this meeting will be at the White Mountain Reginal High School in Whitefield, NH. 127 Regional Road, Whitefield, NH 03598.

Views of a Caring Couple,

Don & Nancy Mooney

Dalton, N. H.


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Jon Swan

Didn't see either of you at the hearing yesterday...guess carrying Casella's water can get tiring, LOL. Meanwhile, approximately 150 of your North Country neighbors showed up to tell DES to DENY this permit to protect so much of what we love about living here! Sad that you are willing to put our health and well-being at risk for your own financial gain. Then again, some people will do or say just about anything for money, as evidenced by this letter. Sad, sad, sad, that you are willing to leave this as your legacy. Don't forget, too, the citizens of Dalton, not just me, voted in zoning, AGAIN, and despite your wishes, to stop this abomination. Jon Swan

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