Outside the limits of free speech

To the Editor:

What made you think it was a good idea to print Seth King’s hate-filled rant meant to incite fear and possibly violence against a family in Rutland he doesn’t even know?

I realize everyone is entitled to their opinion, 1st amendment etc., etc. but even that has limits and Mr. King’s letter was outside those limits. His letter accuses a specific family. He states this family is compelled by their religion to wage a holy war here in the U.S. (Rutland specifically I assume). He goes on to say people of their religion will work tirelessly to change our community. He says churches will disappear and pork products will no longer be available in stores. He also implies that with this new family living here violent crime will increase. As examples he uses rape and mass shootings, in fact he implies there will be multiple shooters and much worse killing sprees.

Why would you print a letter like this? If there were anything in these people’s background that indicated these people were a problem they would not have been allowed to legally immigrate here. This is a young family with children and Mr. King’s letter just made them a target. Isn’t there enough hate and division in our country right now? I understand there are people who have Mr. King’s views but to publicly print them in the paper is irresponsible. You basically allowed Mr. King to spread filth and lies about a Vermont family he doesn’t even know. There are people who do believe what they read in the paper believe it or not and I suspect you would like to keep it that way. Printing trash and hate speech won’t help your credibility.

I personally welcome this new family. They are now Vermonters just like the rest of us and I would hope they would be treated that way. A good way to start that would be with an apology from the Caledonian-Record editorial staff.

Eva Hilliker

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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I wholeheartedly agree. An apology is in order as well as a statement of support for the young family.

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