Overdosing on Antibiotics

I am writing this letter to inform people of something in our “alleged” medical system that is ‘so to speak’ the elephant in the room.

After 5 years old, our family doctor kept prescribing penicillin (antibiotic) to me. This went on until I finished high school. I had taken, at least, 25 prescriptions before I was 20 years old. This is not counting the ones they gave me for colds.

Up until I was 45 years old, I had taken over 70 prescriptions of antibiotics.

In 1998, I had an internal problem. The doctor told me I had cancer but they couldn’t pinpoint it, so they put me on an antibiotic for 3 months. I got worse, so I went to see a nature path doctor.

He, after hearing my history, told me I had a condition called candidiasis, an overgrowth of candida yeast in my lower body cavity.

He told me that the antibiotics killed many things in my gut that I needed to keep for a healthy immune system.

Since then, I have seen a couple of regular (allopath) doctors. Half don’t have a clue or just don’t want to know, probably because it’s a situation that there are no protocols of treatment for.

We argue over who will pay for care and how we pay. The debate shouldn’t be about how we pay but what we use as medical treatment.

Go watch the TV ads for drugs and see all the side effects they list. Next there might be a commercial about a lawsuit over the same drugs.

I think the population are under mass hypnosis or are suffering from some form of inability to cognitively make deductions and come to logical decisions.

Good luck people.

William Flick

Barnet, Vt.


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