To the Editor:

We all have things to worry about, taxes, gas prices, the weather, etc.

There is a segment of our population, however, that worry about a lot more things. Immigrants who steal jobs. Uppity women politicians. They fear socialists, liberals, and democrats. Expanding voting rights to minorities is dangerous.

Then there are those “tree huggers” who want us all in electric vehicles. Scientists’ goals are suspect. They are afraid of the agendas of Muslims and Catholics. They fear the next presidential election will also be a fraud.

There are those who want regulations to purchase an AR-15 or a M60D. Covid 19 is not their problem. They are aghast at what will go into their bodies if vaccinated (they do not smoke, use alcohol or drugs of course).

Climate change is a hoax to sell solar panels. There is a fear the government is usurping their rights and rewriting the Constitution. And then there are all those conspiracies.

With all the worries these people have, we must make allowances for them when we find their behavior unfathomable.

Robert O’Connor

Littleton, N. H.


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