Planet of the Humans Continued

To the Editor:

Thank you, Newcomb Greenleaf, for your eye- opening editorial, “Planet of the Humans”. People that read your article, I hope, took the time to watch the film, “Planet of the Humans”. One needs to have about an hour of time set aside and watch it start to finish, which I did. The gist of it is that all these green energy ideas are not so green when you analyze the amount of carbon footprint it takes to produce energy whether it’s wind, solar, electric cars or whatever. The famous people like Al Gore are the profiters for promoting these ideas. The politicians promoting these ideas are saying,”Vote for me, I’ll save the planet”. All these ideas will give you a feel- good attitude, and that’s all.

When Coronavirus-19 is over we will go back to our old habits polluting the environment. Right now, we are saving Mother Earth but killing ourselves in the process. God, or if you are not religious, call it Mother Nature, wants us to reduce the population and she sent Coronavirus-19 to help reduce the population, but we are going through all kinds of contortions to fight it.

When C-20 comes we need to take it in stride and let those that are weak die as cruel as it may seem. Remember that we, humanity, are like wildlife but so intelligent that we are able to destroy the Earth. Wildlife population exists to the capacity of its habitat. We must live to the capacity of Mother Earth, but now we have gone beyond that point. We will end up stronger with a reduced population with built in immunity. We have to realize that the overpopulation of Mother Earth is what is destroying Her and in turn will destroy us. It all boils down to sooner or later. That is what the film, “Planet of the Humans”, is trying to say. We, as humans, need to make population control a number 1 priority, but people don’t want to hear it and will just kick the can down the road until disaster really strikes. Thank you, Mr. Greenleaf, for opening up a dialog on this topic. This is Ron Pal, appreciate your comments, criticisms.


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