Pots and kettles

To the Editor:

This paper's July 24 editorial caught my attention since it referred to Lawrence Solomon's book "The Deniers," the very one I mentioned in a recent letter.

In his last chapter, I noted that he wrote, "[My deniers have not] convinced me that global warning is all a hoax." and, "After all, most.disagree with each other as well." also "More likely most of them (meaning both sides) are right, but only in figuring out one small piece of an impossibly large puzzle."

I have found distortion and obfuscating statements common on both sides of this equation. The continuing comments in this paper on the issue should be interpreted as only one side. Don't look here for the other side though.

To me, it looks as if the pot that has been calling the kettle black is complaining because the kettle is calling the pot black.

Frank Landry

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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