Profit-based crime against humanity

To the Editor:

It is a dismal reality here in Vermont and in the United States of America that has sunk into my soul over the last year. I have spent the last 25 years raising three beautiful children, they're not college graduates or earning six figure incomes, they are simply, good caring people. Bill Bennett is the oldest of my three children and on his back are the paychecks written for many Human Services workers. He is worth over $100,000 a year to the State of Vermont but worth nothing at the same time.

When my son, Bill and I go out into "our community" we never fail to run into people Bill has known for years, teachers who taught him, old classmates, former employers and co-workers. Everybody seems to know Bill, yet in six years he has not had one opportunity to have more than a passing conversation under the watchful eye of a "public safety specialist" with anyone. I know our community cares, of that I have no doubt. Our community is not in fear of Bill, nor should they be.

In Senator Joe Benning's recent "Senate Perspectives" published in The Caledonian-Record he comments on how dependent Vermont has become on federal government money. My son's situation is a practical example of this. For instance, Bill has a sister, a brother, mother, father and grandparents who would be happy to support him. We are good citizens without criminal records, yet we are not allowed to bring him food, take him to the movies, visit him, teach him to cook, get him an education or just drop in to say hello and ask if he needs anything.


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