Property Tax Increase

To the Editor:

Looks like Wheelock’s municipal property tax rate is going up 12.8% for 2022. It doesn’t stop there. My figuring shows a 53% increase in my municipal tax bill by 2028.

I am thinking of asking the Wheelock Selectboard if we could please talk about this.

Our town has a problem with a high turnover rate on our Selectboard. The current members are pretty new to their positions.

I attribute the Board’s lack of experience as a factor in their decision at their July 20 meeting to increase the hourly pay rate for the road crew by 30% effective immediately. If there was any discussion, it occurred in Executive Session, so I really don’t know why they did this.

Regardless of why they decided to increase the pay rate for Wheelock’s inexperienced road crew above the rate paid to experienced road crew members in surrounding towns, the impact of their decision is one of the main factors driving up what needs to be raised in taxes in 2022.

Taxes are going to be going up in Wheelock over the next 8 years. We need to replace all of our road equipment, build a new garage and provide a safe facility for the town office. I am asking the Board to please put long-range financial planning on their agenda.


Carol Rossi

Wheelock, Vt.


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