Public Discussion Needed

To the Editor:

Sandy Reider (commentary 10/26/21 CR) suggests that vaccinating children for Covid may be unethical since, except for a few unlucky kids, children just don’t get sick from Covid, they have a low rate of serious illness and death from Covid. With the current strains of Covid that is true, as far as I can tell.

My understanding is that anyone, vaccinated or not, may transmit Covid to others; the vaccine does not always prevent infection, but it will prevent serious illness and death in most cases.

It really is the unvaccinated adults and the unvaccinated medically vulnerable that are of concern, so the real question is, at this point in the pandemic, is it worth vaccinating children to save the lives of unvaccinated adults, most of whom are not going to get vaccinated if they haven’t gotten vaccinated by now? Reider says: “no”; the rate of illness and death in children from the current Covid strains is ridiculously low, and, unlike other vaccines, the Covid vaccines don’t prevent transmission of the disease, anyway. If Trump voters, for instance, don’t want the vaccine, then vaccinating children will not protect them. Vaccinated children can still spread the disease, just like unvaccinated children.

Do children themselves need this vaccine if they don’t generally get sick from Covid?

It would be interesting to have a local pediatrician respond with commentary in the Caledonian to the concerns Reider raises. The community deserves this discussion.

Michael Scanlon

Littleton, N. H.


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Alison Despathy

Thank you Michael. I fully agree with the need for open, honest, informed community conversations regarding the Covid situation in it’s entirety. We do not need propaganda and marketing campaigns on experimental vaccines that are sold as 100% safe and effective and are clearly not 100% safe and effective. I hope that this will happen, it would offer the community a tremendous amount of information and insight.

Welcome to the discussion.

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