Pulitzer Prize Winner’s Bequeath to SJA

To the Editor:

Famed journalist Charles Edward Russell (Sept. 25, 1860 – Apr. 23, 1941) (St. Johnsbury Academy Class of 1881) enjoyed a long writing and political advocacy career during his years in his hometown of Davenport, Ia. and later in Minneapolis, Detroit, New York, and Washington, D.C. Russell won the 1928 Pulitzer Prize for biography for his work, The American Orchestra and Theodore Thomas (Doubleday: 1927) (https://www.pulitzer.org/prize-winners-by-year/1928) (last visited Aug. 30, 2019).

In his last years of life, Russell and his wife Abby spent summers in Danville and he reacquainted with his St. Johnsbury Academy roots: “Charles Edward Russell of Washington[,][D.C.] addressed the history class at [St. Johnsbury Academy] Wednesday morning [Sept. 14, 1938]. Mr. and Mrs. Russell have been spending their third summer in Danville.” (“Hear Charles Edward Russell,” The Burlington Free Press, Sat. Sept. 17, 1938, at p. 11). Posthumously, Iowan Russell remembered his Vermont alma mater as he “bequeathed his collection of Shakespearean books to St. Johnsbury Academy.” (“Shakespearean Books Left To St. Johnsbury Academy by Russell,” The Burlington Free Press, Sat. May 10, 1931, at p. 2).

Christopher E. Ryan

Los Angeles, California


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