Reality Check

To the Editor:

A recent letter to the editor claimed the Theory of Evolution and The Big Bang Theory to be false theories. The vast majority of the scientific community thinks otherwise, and finds these two theories useful in explaining the origin of world. Let’s see what these theories actually say. Evolution is a process where living organisms adjust to their environment. There are countless examples of this occurring, both in the past and in the present. The Theory of Evolution says that the organisms we see today are a result of those organisms that are most successful in this adaptation. (No mention of man coming from monkeys).

The Big Bang Theory is based on observable phenomena in the surrounding universe. Sophisticated telescopes have provided much of the most recent data. This theory says that the universe expanded from an infinitely hot and dense single point that inflated and stretched - first at unimaginable speeds, and then at a more measurable rate to form the universe we know today. Sounds a bit miraculous.

Many critics of these theories see them as direct oppositions to how religions explain the 2000 year old story of creation. Science operates in the physical world while religions deal with the spiritual world. One is based on facts and the other on faith. Both seek the truth, so we should expect them to complement each other. Then there is the claim that scientists are atheists. The man who formulated the Big Bang Theory was, in addition to being a cosmologist, a clergyman. Einstein believed in God as does Anfinsen. Among those working in science today, there are devout Christians, Muslims and Hindus. Many highly respected religious affiliated colleges do not see any conflict between religion and science. As far as what is taught in our schools, the origin of the universe is low priority. The emphasis is on how science applies to our everyday activities. To see what is actually taught in your community’s schools, check the programs of studies which are on-line.

Robert J. O’Connor

Littleton, N. H.


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