Rebecca Halcombe

To the Editor:

According to the Vt. Digger “fact check” our state of Vt is not allowing money from the public schools to go to private schools. At least, that’s what their so called fact check is saying about Rebecca Halcombe’s claim that right winger Gov. Scott is doing a deal for vouchers to go for private schools. These are all allegations of course and not proven facts, but I think Ms Holcombe may be right. At any rate we are sick and tired of Scott and his annoying way to run a state government by vetoes.

A fresh face is needed right now. So, we want to believe this stuff and run with it to defeat this republican in sheep’s clothing. Scott is a fake. He tries to present as a nice guy who cares about Vermonters. But, he vetoed paid family leave, minimum wage hike, poured cold water on legal pot sales and killed a handgun waiting period. These are all bills for the little people here in Vt. He’s a country club, martini for lunch bunch, republican politician.

As far as Vt Digger’s fact checks, they’ve been wrong before. With the state trooper who passed out after a drug bust, they blew it according to the state police brass. Anyway, we like Ms Holcombe better then Scott, Period. Now fact check that!


Thomas W. King

Shaftsbury, Vermont


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