Rebuild the Wall

To the Editor:

As I was working in my garden the morning of May 25, I heard a dull crunching sound at the head of my driveway. I saw a vehicle backing and turning away. What I discovered was, the vehicle had been used to push over about five feet of the laid up stone wall next to my mailbox. Seeing the scarred stone and tire tracks, Barnet constable Steve Moser observed, “They weren’t trying to turn around.”

Several years ago when my “Black Lives Matter” sign was posted near the road, someone ripped my mailbox off its stand, a federal offense. A new “Black Lives Matter” sign has been posted on my garage door for the past four days. Quite clearly it was offensive to look at by this person who drives by each day.

Like the unruly airline passengers fighting in planes over wearing of masks, what is most disturbing here is the level of anger that caused the perpetrator to carry out this attack on the wall in broad daylight.

If that person is literate, I offer an invitation for them to come and openly discuss the subjects of white supremacy and the plight of ethnically different US citizens while we, together, rebuild the wall.

Carl Doerner

Barnet, Vt.


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Eileen Kristoff

Sir, in regard to your "Black lives Matter" I believe you should read this article...

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