Register Bicycles

To the Editor:

This morning’s editorial page ( 2/17/2021 )informed us, thru Rob Roper, that once more, there are those who want to tax everything from soup to nuts. Recently Governor Scott commented on the effort to complete the rail trail across the state which has already cost millions of dollars. Trucks and automobiles pay to use our highways. All sorts of ATVs have to pay to use some of our roads. Snowmobilers have to pay to use some of our roads and rail trails. The payment for these uses are for registration and our fuel taxes. There is a forgotten segment of our society that use these byways as a fee free activity. Bicycles pay nothing. They use our roads and our rail trails without a requirement to be registered like the aforementioned users. My recommendation for a one year registration fee would be: $30.00 per bicycle for Vermont residents and $50.00 per bicycle for non residents.

As Mr. Roper said, “Low income consumers spend higher percentages of their income on necessities, therefore, under this scenario, a higher percentage of their income on the tax.”

“ This is a terrible proposal.” His article, “A Taxing Report”, is a recommended read.


Andrew Dussault

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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