Republican Double Talk

To the Editor:

It was sad to read the comments about my letter of 12/15/20 written by Vermont State Senate Minority Leader (Republican) Joe Benning. Choosing to blame the messenger, in this case me, in calling for accountability for the crooked assortment of Attorneys who attempted to subvert our democracy is an absolute disgrace and has lowered my opinion of Senator Benning to the point where I can only regard him in this matter as having become little more than a n extremely dangerous, factually challenged would-be manipulator of the public. Just like the rest of this lowly and now discredited group of Republican Attorneys, in his letter from 12/19/20 Joe colluded with a shockingly large group of state and national Republican Party officials who attempted to build a fictitious case that the recent Presidential election had somehow been stolen from who had become near-Dictator Trump.

Clearly Joe Benning can’t quite digest what was the long overdue Trump Impeachment procedures, and has now chosen to criticize courageous and fact-based Democratic US Representatives Jerome Nadler, Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell for having attempted to hold Trump accountable for some of his seemingly endless array of crimes. Benning manipulatively stated that the charges against Trump were never proven yet impeachment is a legislative procedure and not a criminal one. Joe Benning is plenty intelligent enough to be fully aware of this. He is also aware that were it not for (thankfully outgoing) US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell interfering in unprecedented and entirely un-American ways with the legislative process the public would have learned a lot more. McConnell let Trump’s Republican co-conspirators completely ignore Congressional subpoenas, which is absurd in and of itself. Trump’s crimes, which we have been prevented from finding legal remedy with due to an absurd, anonymously written internal Justice Department memorandum that was somehow being honored states that “a sitting US President cannot face criminal charges while holding office.” While the memorandum may have been written with the good intention of preventing political retribution from muddying the political process, in this case it shielded criminally insane Trump from facing richly deserved and the most serious of any imaginable charges that run the gamut of crimes practically from A to Z.

Joe Benning goes on to claim that the (90 or so) court cases attempted by Vermont Republican Party Vice Chair, disgraced former NYC Mayor and Attorney Rudy Giuliani and other losers were rejected “on procedural grounds, not on merit.” I guess that Attorney Benning now has adopted the pro-dictatorship position that a complete lack of legitimate evidence as determined by courts across the country is not sufficient reason for these meritless cases to be roundly criticized and dismissed.


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