Republican Zombie Ideas

To the Editor:

Guilt by association may be unfair in the case of the Ethan Allen Institute’s (EAI) tangential relationship to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) as laid out by John McClaughry in a recent letter to the Caledonian. Since I weighed in on this issue, I must apologize to Mr. McClaughry and take him at his word that EAI has no substantial relationship with ALEC.

Yet both EAI and ALEC seem to have had their organizational roots in the same dirt of the Reagan era. Typical Reagan ideas of small government, low wages, and union busting among other “plantation society” views have persisted like political zombies for quite a few years now.

According to Wikipedia, corporations such as State Farm Insurance and Koch Industries do have associations with ALEC as it churns out “model legislation” for Republicans in the various States to tweak to their own circumstances. It is not hard to see that broadly speaking the ALEC models coincide with the basic premises of Republicanism and EAI such as small, perhaps ineffective government, climate skepticism, and other Reagan-like mantras (unlimited economic growth is possible forever?).

If EAI could ever stand for equality and sustainability, sign me up. Based on the EAI writers in the Caledonian, I just don’t think that’s going to happen. Oh, and by the way Mr. McClaughry, I still retain great memories of shuffleboard at summer camp. I suspect you do, too.

Michael Scanlon

Littleton, N. H.


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Eddy R. Woodchuck III

This is a propaganda letter to support the 100 largest corporations that have cultivated our large government that they have put their minions in control of to enslave the rest thru the Big Rest and other integrated programs outlined in and by the plan papers of the Davos Group and Rockefeller Foundation..

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