Resettled in Rutland

To the Editor:

I’ve just finished reading a fluff piece in Tuesday’s Caledonian-Record about a Muslim family being resettled in Rutland, Vermont. The takeaway is that everything is happy-happy-joy-joy and that rural Vermonters have nothing to worry about.

In reality, Americans are being brainwashed into embracing their own replacement. The same thing has already happened in Europe, but in a much more advanced stage. Most Americans do not have any clue as to the fallout Europe is experiencing from massive Muslim migration. So, let me tell you.

For starters, the violent crime rate is way up. Assaults, rapes, murders, and even terrorism has seen major spikes. There are countless examples I could give you of high-profile cases, but there isn’t enough space. Let me give you just a few.

Go online and search “Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal.” Long story short, there is a large Muslim migrant population in Rotherham, England. Over the last three decades, over 1,400 white English girls between the ages of 11-16 were “groomed” into sexual exploitation by Muslim gangs. They used many methods, such as first plying the victims with drugs, then gang-raping them. Often they would threaten to rape their mothers if the girls didn’t submit and stay silent.

When parents begged the police to do something, they were rebuked as being “racist.” Also, the testimony of the victims themselves were ignored because of their low-class pedigree. You see, these girls were children of poor, working-class families, which means the children were of low character and really weren’t victims after all.

Continuing on, go online and search some more topics such as “Sweden grenade attacks,” “Cologne cover up,” and “Germany middle eastern crime families.” That should keep you busy for a while.

All across Europe there are now “no-go zones” which is a euphemism for Muslim ghettos that are too dangerous to go to. And despite high-powered, semi-automatic rifles being completely illegal in most Western European nations, Muslim terrorists seem to have no problem acquiring them. Do you remember the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan Theatre Massacres? If not, look it up. You think it’s bad when one-lone gunmen goes on a mass-killing spree? It’s much worse when there are several people joined in on the conspiracy.

The European landscape is changing as well. Christian churches are closing and Mosques are popping up everywhere. Muslim children are going to public schools and low and behold, the curriculum changes to accommodate them. Even pork products and other non-Halal foods are being removed because it upsets Muslims. I really could list examples until I turn blue in the face.

Europeans do not enjoy 1st Amendment speech protection like Americans do. Everything I’ve written so far, despite being completely factual, would be considered hate-speech and could cost a person their job, fines, and even imprisonment. This is no laughing matter in the U.S.A. either. Corporate social media giants like Youtube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all ratcheting up their censorship. The Orwellian memory hole is nearly in full-swing. They learned how to do this, by the way, by cutting their teeth in China, where the only way to gain access to that market was to employ said censorship to appease the authoritarian Communist regime.

So, I’m not going to be fooled by cultural marxists who want me to believe that all cultures are equally good and valid (except white, conservative, Christian) and that we can all get along. Islam is not a religion of peace. Even though many Muslims may never engage in violence, they are all tasked with waging Jihad. It’s the Muslim’s “Great Commission,” you might say. For those who don’t know, the Great Commission is the job of every Christian to spread the good news about Jesus Christ. The definition of “Jihad” is “a Muslim holy war or spiritual struggle for the propagation or defense of Islam.”

So, do not expect the influx of Muslim refugees to gasp a sigh of relief upon entering the United States, tear off their hijabs, crack a beer and eat a hot dog any time soon. They will work tirelessly to change the laws, culture and attitudes of their hosts into one of appeasement towards Islam. And if you want to get a glimpse of what that looks like, just take a serious look at what’s going on in Europe, and what current Muslim countries look like.

Seth King

Whitefield, New Hampshire


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