Responding to Jeff Weld

To the Editor:

In an attempt to divert attention from the conditions that resulted in serious injury to one of the truck drivers and the spill of thousands of gallons of toxic landfill leachate, diesel fuel and other noxious fluids, Casella spokesman Jeff Weld casts blame not only on those who raised concerns about the spill, but on the truck drivers, victims who were merely following direction from their superiors.

Because there is no good defense for sending innocent truckers carrying hazardous materials out into the night in black ice conditions, Weld attacks those who raise legitimate questions and worse, he blames the victims of the accident! While he claims misleadingly that questioners showed no concern for the accident victim or the other driver, who also lost control due to hazardous road conditions, he states, “ A man nearly died at the hands of his coworker.” Really? His coworker was a victim of unsafe conditions and circumstances as well. How dare Weld suggest that liability rests with the second driver? It is only right to wonder why MBI or Casella would require their drivers to risk physical and emotional trauma by traveling on unsafe roads, or why they would seek to pass blame for the accident on to the truckers.

Weld charges that questions raised about why the trucks were transporting leachate at 3 A.M. in black ice conditions are “fear based” when they are fact based. The cargo of the second truck included upwards of 8,000 gallons of toxic and hazardous landfill leachate, a load of diesel fuel and related fluids. A spill of this magnitude poses real threat to the environment and its inhabitants. The extent of the days-long cleanup effort to retrieve spilled leachate and remove tons of contaminated soil underscore the concern.


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