Response to Caledonian-Record Editorial

To the Editor:

I must thank the editor of the Caledonian-Record for the respectful discussion of my positions on issues before the voters (editorial, Sept. 30), despite disagreeing with those positions. I appreciate the opportunity to clarify my views.

Those views start from the premise that greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels are destabilizing the global climate system.

In the span of little more than one century, industrial civilization has increased carbon dioxide in the planet’s atmosphere to levels not seen in at least 2 million years — about the time when humans first began roaming the earth. The geologic record shows that, compared to 2 million and more years ago, Earth has been relatively cool and getting cooler. It also shows that fluctuations in the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide have coincided with swings in global average temperatures. Changes of just a few degrees have had dramatic impacts, bringing on ice ages or the relatively warmer inter-glacial periods like the last 10,000 years.


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