Response To Nancy Martland’s Casella Trash Trucks Comment

To the Editor:

Hi Nancy:

My father always said “Truth will out … you better speak it” … Here’s how you did in your letter:

1. Headline is misleading … 90 trucks/day are not Casella’s, but independent truckers hired by the 150 or so towns that do not have a place to put their trash.

2. Your statement that my statement incorrect is not true … 95% of the trucks unloading at the Trudeau Rd landfill, get off Route 93 at Exits 35 or 36 and proceed to Trudeau Rd on Rt 3 through the White Mt National Forest for a little over five miles and never pass a house.

3. MBI is not “the concern that hauls the trash” … they represent 5-6% of the trucks unloading every day and then they proceed to their depot empty. Only 5-7 trucks reside at Sugar Hill.

4. “Every single day, dozens of trucks full of trash make their way from Interstate 93 through Sugar Hill on Rt 117” is not a true statement.

5. I will not comment on your beef with MBI, except that they told me your statements are not true.

6. Bethlehem is not free of trash traffic. Mike Sulham and his very efficient side loader prowl our streets three days a week and try to make us very efficient recyclers, very infrequent travelers to the “dump” and generally keep the town looking spiffy … all for free. You should consider hiring him one day a week … Littleton and St. Johnsbury already have.

7. Speaking of your father’s “free lunches,” our cart-based, curbside pick-up is free, our very friendly transfer station and swap shop is free, sand for our highways and support of our charities is free … and that’s not counting the $42,500,000 cash offered us in the last contract negotiated by our select board. The fact that our town has not been able to accept this generous offer so far is due to the unwarranted NIMBY fear that a landfill pollutes the environment. A properly run landfill helps the environment.

I offer you the same offer I made to Jon Swan, a private tour of our Waste Management System, with qualified environmental engineers in the back seat. We can start by asking each of the trash haulers whether they saw a house on the way in.

Cliff Crosby

Bethlehem, N.H.


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