School Shootings: A National and Local Issue

To the Editor:

Do we want to try and keep our children safe or not? U.S. public schools have been attacked for over 90 years. The only surprising and shocking aspect of the latest attack is that, after 90 years, schools are still not secured properly.

This threat is not a Democrat/Republican issue. It is not a liberal/conservative issue. Anyone trying to paint it as such is part of the problem. This is a safety management issue. From the first school attack in Pottsville, MI in 1927 to current day Parkland, our children have been placed in unsecure environments. With each assault, new laws are enacted to try and prevent the next outrage.

At my former house, I had a window that I always considered a weak spot that was susceptible to a break in. I had lived there for years and nothing had ever happened. I went away for an extended trip and, surprise, someone broke in to my house through that vulnerable window. What do you think was the first action I took upon my return? Right. I thoroughly hardened that point against further exploitation. That was my immediate, responsible and natural reaction to that threat.


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