To the Editor:

Teaching "homophobia" is an affront to men and women of faith. Our state government and public schools are controlled by the radical religious-left social apostles who suffer from truthphobia and have created their god in their own image.

They are out to claim the hearts and minds of our young people with their propaganda. They will stop at nothing to accomplish the full and complete eradication of the institution of marriage which has undergirded society for thousands of years.

These religious-left apostles sugarcoat everything they say with words like "safe," "loving," "monogamous," "tolerance" and "diversity," while their doctrines continue to destroy lives of converts, divert public funds, remove barriers to access young children, burden our health care and mental institutions, forbid tolerance of opposing views (both religious and scientific), and assault, insult and terrorize every individual and institution who dares to defy their teachings.

It is precisely for this reason that men and women of faith (you know, the principled, good will, moral, righteous and just brand upon which our country was founded) have been targeted for persecution. It is accomplished by teaching that their faith and doctrines are a menace to the public good. It is also accomplished through personal attacks, intimidation, character assassination, destruction of private property, threatening and outright verbal and physical abuse.

The reason apostles of homosexuality are so impassioned to compel society to bow to their politically correct ideas is that they are afraid of the truth, that their behavior is truly deviant, warped, against nature and God & #039;s design for a man and a woman, and is truly a very dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle.

They do not want to hear that unnatural impulses ought to be restrained and replaced with that which is natural and good. They do not want you to know such behavior does not favor personal restraint and discipline. Forty percent report they have over 40 sex partners while 24 percent report over 100 partners. Fifty-two percent say they have had sex in a public park, and almost 50 percent say they have had sex in public restrooms. Thirty-two percent say they had tied each other up during sex.

They fear that the gay-gene discovery hoax attempted by a gay "scientist" will be exposed. They fear that Vermonters may learn that 65 percent of all reported AIDS cases among males in the U.S. since 1981 have been men engaged in homosexual behavior (Center for Disease Control HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report, vol. 9, No. 2, May 1998).

They ignore the facts that San Francisco & #039;s venereal disease rates rose 22 times the national average, Hepatitis A increased 100 percent, infectious Hepatitis B increased 300 percent, and amoebic colon infections increased 2,500 percent in the first 10 years since their homosexual rights laws went into effect.

They do not want Vermonters to know that the average life span of a man who engages in the homosexuality lifestyle is in the low 40s.

It is time the truth be known. Men and women of faith care. They do not believe they are any better in the sight of God than individuals caught up in idolatry, adultery, sodomy, thievery, drunkenness, extortion, or any other vice.

Regardless of what you may have been told or the expected intolerant vehement backlash to this article, homosexuals need not have a phobia of America & #039;s Christian heritage nor the biblical basis upon which it was built. For the Bible teaches that none of us need remain in our sins, but that we can receive forgiveness and victory over such enslavement at the foot of the cross of Christ.

It also teaches that God hates our sin, but loves the sinner with the most pure and awesome love. Why not let your "coming out" be one of being freed from the ravages of unnatural affections and finding hope and healing through repentance, and faith in Jesus Christ.

Don & #039;t let the leaders of your movement brainwash you into disdain for the life-saving Christian message.

Mark Osborne



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