Second thoughts on Republicans

To the Editor:

I am really having second thoughts about the Republican Party, G.O.P. ( should read G.O.P.U.F.) or "Get Our Pay Up Front" party. Seems they will do nothing the President wants until the oil companies, big businesses or millionaires/billionaires get what they want or telling them how to vote!

All the fighting over giving the working stiff a tax break, why? It should be a no-brainer, opps, excuse me, seems no one has a brain in Washington, none of them!

Now we had this big debate over saving the middle class about a thousand dollars per year, by extending the tax break, big deal, but don't touch the millionaires and or billionaires, etc. Comes down to screwing the middle class. Can anyone else see the irony in this? Can anyone else see where their loyalties are?

The Republican party is holding this country hostage for their own agenda, not to say the Democrats wouldn't do the same thing if the situations were reversed.

I, for one, have had it with all of them in Washington, their fighting and holding the taxpayer by the throat until the other side blinks, or cries uncle. It is a bunch of kids bullying the others. It's my way or the highway, hey, that could be the new slogan of the Republicans, except they can't even do that, fix the highways!

I hope every voter remembers the disgrace that this group, in Washington, has brought to this country this year, when and if they vote on anything.

How many times did we come close to a government shut down, this year,was it three, four, or more? Only, at the last minute someone said enough is enough and gave up. Most of the time it was the Democratic party, because the bullying Republicans were holding the middle class over a cliff.

You would think the Republicans would be looking out for the middle class and under, because of the up and coming elections and their votes. Well I guess if you have the oil companies and the filthy rich behind you, or in your back pocket, you don't need to worry!

Just think with the two-month extension of the tax break, the average $50,000 wage earner, if you're so lucky, will save about $82.50 a month. So that's food, maybe, for a family of four for one week and that's with using coupons.

Don't get me wrong I am not an Obama or Shumlin supporter and never will be, but like I said I'm having my doubts about the idiot Republicans and their insane bullying.

Keep smiling and watch out for your throat and wallet. If the Republicans won't go after the filthy rich, etc., the ones with a bigger tax breaks than you will ever see. Guess what, that leaves you and I, to foot the bill.

How much more can you afford?

Keith Brown

Lyndonville, Vt.


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