See the Real World

To the Editor:

Amazing how the liberals can spout out all their bull.

The latest LTE on 9-5-19 about refugees is nothing but a bunch of propaganda to spew their hate. I hope you do not ever have any family or friends killed by the radical Muslim groups that you support. I am wondering where this writer gets her info that the crimes committed by Muslims refugees come from a bar napkin or again the old favorite of liberals white supremacy handbook. I am sure Ms. Finn gets her info from the two biggest jokes in journalism like CNN and MSNBC which should be taken off the air or have to put a disclaimer like the springer show to say it is just for fun and not actually the truth. Also she made a raciest joke about blacks which if I said that, which I never would, I would be lambasted.

Ms. Finn should come down off the mountain once in a while to see the real world instead of staying hiding up on the mountain.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vermont


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