Sheffield town government

To the Editor:

After reading the article about the meeting of the Sheffield Board of Selectmen, I would like to put forth my reasons for a five-member board and Australian ballot.

I've lived in this town for 24 years and found speaking to various selectmen in private, because I work nights and can't attend meetings, is futile to get ideas, complaints and observations addressed. The recent unwarned board meeting on the new grader raises a question, in my mind, of how seriously the entire town government, some members have decades of experience, take your responsibilities.

While the usual cure for this is voting in new people, the inability of many to attend Town meeting to vote, make this highly unlikely. Five members should make a more responsive board and avoid situations like the one now in Barton.

I've heard the rumor this petition drive is really a way to get an employee fired, but as we all know, performance is the best way to keep your job whether you are an employee or an elected official.

From my point of view this is about the town government not a person.

John W. Simons

Sheffield, Vt.


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