Shut Down Fox, OAN

To the Editor:

I am obligated to provide a response to the letter from Eddie Garcia (CR 10/16/21) criticizing my piece a week or so ago that I titled “Slow Motion Coup Underway.” While I agree with Mr. Garcia on some of what he has to say I strongly differ with the idea that there should be nothing that cannot be said in the media. The United States Constitution was signed over 234 years ago. No one who signed it could have imagined that a media like television that could project visual imagery into hundreds of millions of homes at all times would emerge. The reality is that this particular form of media is owned and controlled by people of vast wealth whose economic interests differ sharply from those of families struggling (sometimes unsuccessfully) to keep a roof over their homes or food on their tables.

Fox “News” and the One America Network have been making every effort to normalize the idea of people committing acts of violence against elected officials who are making a last-ditch effort to stop what is fast becoming the collapse of democracy in this country. Rapid replacement of democracy with a totalitarian dictatorship that will feel free to order people around as they please. They are now rapidly laying the groundwork to hold mock elections where access to voting becomes cleverly restricted by race and economic class using the un-American and highly unpatriotic tactics of gerrymandering, election buying through Supreme Court Citizens United decision, the farce of second place vote getters being declared victors in many recent Presidential elections and certification of election results by hyper-partisan party hacks from states populated mostly by dumbed down groups of voters. The outstanding recent letter in your paper from Kimball Shindoskey of Woods Cross, Utah documents the extent of the ignorance of simple civics information that has become very pervasive in this country and how this in turn impacts voters’ ability to differentiate fact from fiction. In short, we are not far from becoming a nation where the number of ignorant people far outnumbers the number of people who are capable of comprehending what is defective about the lies that they are being fed by fascist news media such as FOX and OAN.

The Federal Communications Commission is responsible for development and implementation of regulatory programs for the media, and for licensing the media that makes use of our air waves. They are also partly responsible for public safety and homeland security. It is clearly not in the public interest to have democratic processes devolve into intimidation of elected officials such as that carried on with by Colorado Congressperson Lauren Boebert. In that situation the mentally unstable Boebert saw fit to tuck a handgun under her garments and resist Congressional police as she not long ago sought to force her way onto the US House of Representatives. Boebert’s antics were heavily covered by the media, who had little to say about the reality that she is a former resident of Aurora, Colorado, the sight of one of the larger mass shootings that took place a few years back inside a movie theater.

AS with the signers of the Constitution not being able to see clearly into the future of the news media, they also lived in the era of flintlock rifles and very primitive firearms technology by today’s standards. Mass murders of the scope that took place in the former home town of Ms. Boebert would not have been possible and generally were not likely to have even been contemplated back in the 1780s. That was long before the news media gained the power to project lies, falsehoods and inflammatory rhetoric into the homes of nearly the entire population 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and year after year.

I agree with you, Mr. Garcia that people should be able to say what they want to each other as long as they do so in a non-threatening manner, but your categorical notion that the corporate controlled mass media should be able to “say” anything that they choose will be the death of democracy if we cannot sufficiently regulate those who have become little more than pourers of gasoline onto the fires of hatred and division in this country. Fox News and America One Network must have their licenses to broadcast revoked immediately. They are incorrigible and should simply be shut down. In addition, Tucker Carlson and many of the other people inciting and normalizing acts of violence on the airwaves of Fox and AON should be charged criminally with participation in a seditious uprising against the government of the United States. Mr. Carlson should be imprisoned immediately, as should Texas Senator Ted Cruz for the same reason.

For democracy,

Bill Coleman

Newark, Vt.


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Todd Leadbeater

Bill, I am so glad a month doesn't go by when you give me a good laugh - your letters are a hoot - they can't be taken seriously. We need more sources of news and opinion, not less. Everything you state about Fox and OAN could be also said about the MSM. As for jailing the stated notables, thank the Lord you aren't in a position to make those decision - you'd be so out of line with the constitution it wouldn't be funny. People are entitled to their opinions and are allow to state them as they see fit - that's the result of the 1st amendment. Fortunately, if people like yourself ever get control of the entire government, we always can fall back on the provisions of the 2nd amendment to protect ourselves.

Eileen Kristoff

For democracy? I beg to differ....the mainstream news is your issue sir. Think outside the box and open your eyes...all is NOT what it should be with the so called government in DC...Ted Cruz? He's as honest as any of the other congressmen. What say you???

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