Expand the Bottle Bill

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Vermont Sierra Club and its 3,000 members, I am writing to urge our citizens to tell our legislators that they support expansion of the Bottle Bill, Vermont's single most effective recycling effort. Not only has the bottle bill reduced the material sent to our landfills, but it has saved energy, spared our roadsides of trash and broken glass and helped our agricultural community (the origins of the Bottle Bill are linked to efforts to keep broken bottles and shredded cans away from cows hooves and stomachs respectively).

What's more, returned bottles and cans, unlike those tossed in recycle bins, are actually reused in making new bottles and cans. Is there any good reason why non-carbonated beverage containers shouldn't also be returnable? It is time to let our legislators know that we support an expanded bottle bill and want to see it expanded now.

David Ellenbogen


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