St. Johnsbury House Fire Death

To the Editor:

I’m writing on the behalf of the woman, Connie March, who lost her life in a house fire on Summer Street in St. Johnsbury on November 9.

I knew Connie, not well, but well enough to be on friendly terms. I am not her family, but I am very bothered by the way that she perished in that fire. I’m bothered that there was a gas grill stored on a porch where it shouldn’t have been stored. The propane cylinder ended up exploding causing the fire to spread very rapidly. It makes me think that it is very unsafe to rent an apartment in St. Johnsbury.

Please be concerned about this and do not rest until there is justice for a woman who lost her life in a situation that never should have happened.

Bryan LeBlanc

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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