Stop Casella

To the Editor:

My name is Jennifer Boulay and I was born and raised in Littleton, NH. I am writing to you in regards to the proposed abutting landfill that Casella Waste Systems Subsidiary is trying to put in off Douglas Drive in Dalton, Bethlehem, and Littleton, New Hampshire. This proposed landfill is adjacent to Forest Lake and Forest Lake State Park. My family and I have owned houses on Forest Lake for over 100 years and we spend all year having fun and utilizing all that the lake and the surrounding area has to offer. Many generations of our family have grown up on this lake and we would like to have many more.

The proposal of this landfill is absurd! Not only will the lake and wildlife be affected by this, the surrounding towns, rivers, streams, and our children not to mention many generations after our children will be affected. New Hampshire has many hidden gems and Forest Lake is one of them and to have a landfill next to it with the smell, contamination, and destruction of wildlife habitats is outrageous. I have spoken with neighbors who were trying to sell their homes by the lake and have since had the buyers back out due to the possibility of having a landfill. We have spent many years taking care of and making our homes on the lake beautiful and a landfill would make our property values drop by more than half and the thought of our children and grandchildren not being able to safely swim and do all the things we were fortunate enough to do growing up at the lake, is heartbreaking.

The North Country and its beauty will be overrun with large trash trucks by the hundreds a day trucking in garbage from other states only to dump in OUR white mountains and this MUST NOT happen! The owner of this land, Douglas Ingerson Jr. owner of J.W. Chipping Corp, has been offered a substantial amount of money for this land and as we can see money is the motivation. These companies have no stake in the environment or Forest Lake so it means nothing to them but as for me and my family and many others in the area, we are willing to do whatever it takes to stop this landfill.

I have signed petitions to stop this and we have signs on our property at Forest Lake. Signs that have been posted on the Forest Lake road to save Forest Lake keep disappearing so we have been asked to put them on our private property to hopefully make sure they stay. My family and I are speaking with our neighbors, friends, state representatives, and anyone else who will listen to get coverage of this dire situation.

We need to stop this now!!!!! There is a lake meeting on June 18, 2019 12 noon at Forest Lake State Park and we welcome all media to cover this and get the word out as to what is happening. We need your help please!


Jennifer Boulay

Littleton, New Hampshire


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