Stop Casella Waste Expansion

To the Editor:

It has recently come to my attention that Casella Waste Systems, via its subsidiary company North Country Environmental Services, is taking steps to expand its landfill operations from the current location in Bethlehem into a large parcel of land (1900 acres) which lies within the 3 towns of Littleton, Bethlehem, and Dalton and is currently owned by Douglas Ingerson, Jr.

We all are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful area here in the North Country, with its pristine air and water, gorgeous landscape (the landfill proposed is near Forest Lake State Park) and I would implore all of you to help prevent this from happening.

I also learned that we in NH are allowing for the importation of trash from MA, RI, VT, ME, CT, and other surrounding states, which makes up over a third of the waste currently going into the Bethlehem landfill and is the main reason why Casella Waste Systems needs to expand. I cannot understand why our political leaders would permit this to happen, especially in these times of heightened environmental awareness! Trash should be handled and disposed of locally, for all states and their respective municipalities to deal with (recycling, household waste reduction programs, etc) as it makes zero sense for it to be collected and shipped elsewhere, anywhere, and especially here in our little slice of paradise.

Talk about a carbon footprint! I would invite all citizens in the North Country to join me and others to do all that we can to prevent this from happening. Please contact your elected officials, share this info with your neighbors, and get the word out as this new landfill would have a very negative impact on our environment, our property values, and quality of life.

Jon Swan

Dalton, New Hampshire


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Jon, we need to raise this issue to the townspeople of Dalton and get zoning in place. Does Dalton want to become known as the town that hosts a state park and lake that abuts an enormous landfill? It would go a long way if Dalton itself would enact zoning to address or at least mitigate this.


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