Stopping Nuclear Proliferation in our Backyard

To the Editor:

Our two senators, John Rodgers and Rober Starr, surprised me by being two of the few senators who rejected S.R.5, the Keep Vermont Nuclear Bomber Free Resolution, during the vote last week. While the measure ultimately passed with the support of 22 Senators, Rodgers’ and Starrs’ no-votes sent a clear message to the people of Essex-Orleans District: our safety and well-being comes second to the whims of the current presidential administration.

The presence of nuclear bombers like the F-35 in Vermont makes us vulnerable to attacks by foreign powers. It also tells the rest of the country that Vermont is willing to allow a dangerous nuclear arms race to go unchecked, putting Americans and the whole world in real danger in the event of war.

The resolution (HR-7) awaits a vote in the House, where it will then be Representative Mark Higley’s turn to decide whether his/her constituents are worth protecting. Hopefully, his/her conclusion will differ from that of our two state Senators.


Kevin Goldberg

Lowell, Vt.


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