Sununu Hates You

To the Editor:

Sununu hates loggers. Sununu hates truckers. Sununu wants to eliminate your jobs. Sununu is in the pocket of Eversource and intends to destroy biomas energy production and all your jobs. Sununu thinks he lives in Massachusetts. Maybe he should move there.

Michael Scanlon

Littleton, New Hampshire


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Governor Sununu doesn’t hate the Biomass industry. The biomass industry has been a scam since it was created, if people actually thought burning trees and waste for energy would have a sustainable future, then I have a high speed train to nowhere to sell you in California. If you look up all the biomass plants that have closed across this country in the past 5 years you will see that they are closing more at a faster rate with each passing year. This is happening for two main reasons: 1 biomass can’t compete with other forms of energy production, it’s just too expensive and inefficient. 2, despite being labeled a green form of energy, people are finally noticing that biomass creates more pollution than coal or petroleum fired powered plants, the large chunks of forest clear cuts don’t help you win greeny points either. Without these two key arguments, biomass has no legs to stand on and as a result more plants will close and most likely the whole industry will fold just like coal has. For all the people caught in fallout from this industry failure,( logging, truckers, and forestry) blame the biomass industry for stringing you along for a ride. You can keep begging for Washington or Concord to keep bailing biomass out with money and subsidies, but sooner than later free market pressures and reality will sink this industry. Rather then continue propping it up with subsidies, that money should be directed to a fund to help the people who are affected change career paths, find another line of work, or move to where there is better employment. Biomass’s failure isn’t because the governor is in Eversource’s pocket, this is because N.H. has businesses and rate payers that want to see energy prices go down not up, and when you run the numbers loosing hundreds of biomass jobs is the price to pay for creating thousands of better paying jobs and taxable businesses in N.H.

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