Sununu’s Abortion Ban

To the Editor:

It’s Time to Retire Governor Sununu’s Attacks on Abortion Access.

Everyone in New Hampshire should be appalled by Governor Sununu’s abortion ban which criminalizes doctors, mandates ultrasounds for all people seeking abortion care and contains no exceptions for rape, incest, or fetal health.

For decades, New Hampshire’s elected officials have trusted women to make the personal, private health care choices that are right for them and their family, in consultation with their medical providers. Our public health outcomes have borne the fruit of that bipartisan support. But with one stroke of a pen, Sununu undermined decades of progress.

Sununu’s abortion ban requires mandatory ultrasounds before each and every abortion procedure. Effective January 1st, New Hampshire residents will be forced to endure this additional financial and emotional burden when seeking an abortion – even when their doctor does not believe it’s medically necessary. This draconian measure will impact all Granite Staters seeking abortion care, particularly those with lower incomes as ultrasounds can be costly, with or without insurance.

With Governor Sununu at the helm, New Hampshire has become a state that restricts access to care and is hostile towards reproductive rights. Granite Staters must hold him accountable for his attacks on reproductive freedom. It’s time to retire Sununu’s antiquated attacks on abortion access – and deny him two additional years to further restrict our reproductive freedom.

Stephanie Weiner

Lancaster, N. H.


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Eileen Kristoff

Please do your homework Ms. Weiner and access the Gov.'s press releases..this is something he does NOT agree with and was voted down. He can't always get his way if he's voted down by the House...

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