Tattoo Letter Needs More Discussion

To the Editor:

This Mr. Stoddard did nothing but to try and stir something up that wasn’t there till he started the problem and even after he tried to get others to organize against this man, which others were smart enough to know that there was not a problem other than Stoddard, this man did not do anything to threaten Stoddard other than have a tattoo on his leg.

Stoddard claims to be threatened by the tattoo, will it jump up and hurt him or is this just an example on how far our country has gone to try and take away our rights of freedom of speech. I do not agree with the subject matter of the tat but I do defend his right to have it. I have not seen any support for this tattoo guy so I had to put in a letter. Everybody should be outraged at Stoddard just like the people that he tried to organize against this man. Maybe Mr Stoddard you should stay your anti free speech body away from the next fundraiser so it will be more comfortable for everyone else. Grow up Stoddard.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vermont


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